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SOLYMOP Steel-built plastic injection moulds



Strong points

Full control over procedures and the quality of work in its Chinese workshops

- Use of steels certified to European standards

- SOLYMOP handles relations with its Chinese subsidiaries = a single contact for our customers (France)

Thanks to its strong position on Chinese and French markets, SOLYMOP, with its 45 years’ experience in mould-making, offers you a structure capable of providing a complete service for designing, building and servicing all your steel-built plastic injection moulds.


1967 Creation of the company: designing and building plastic injection moulds weighing up to 500kgs
1981 Evolution in the structure for increasing mould-making capacity up to 1T200
1991 Change in management: Developing machining capacities for attaining mould weights of up to 4Tonnes.
1994 The design office incorporates 3D facilities
1998 The company moves from Chassieu (Rhone) to Leyrieu (Isère) and begins setting up on the Chinese market.
2001 Creation of SOLAR in Ninghai (China)
2004 Creation of NHPM in Ninghai (China)
2013 Company moves from Ninghai to Ningbo


From 2001 until present

As a result of developing its mould-making activities in China, SOLYMOP has stopped making new moulds in France, and now concentrates its mould-making activities on servicing, development, customer assistance and modifications.



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