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Our Business Manufacture of steel moulds for plastic injection


Making a plastic injection mould in a “low-cost” country requires managing a number of different stages and maintaining perfect coordination between the mould-maker’s French and foreign teams.


SOLYMOP’s structure and that of its Chinese subsidiaries deals with these different stages from beginning to end, with the added advantage of offering all our customers the benefits of working with a single contact partner from the mould study phase right through to production commissioning. SOLYMOP's design office (in China) deals with the complete study of your mould. Preliminary studies will de made on the basis of your 3D plastic parts and your different requirements (CDC, etc.) before being submitted to you for control and inspection. After preliminary studies have been validated, our design office will deal with drawing up definitive specifications for your mould, which will then be sent to our workshops for manufacture. Once your mould has been finished, it will be tested under given conditions (press clamping force, material, etc.) and the moulded parts will be sent to you for inspection. After the moulded parts have been validated, the mould will be transported to SOLYMOP in France to be checked and tested in your presence before being commissioned in your workshops.


SOLYMOP will then deal with servicing your mould and its guarantee.